Report Hours

Thank You for Serving Others!

How to Report Your Hours

If you are a volunteer, you can report your hours by either clicking HERE, emailing us at, mailing them to our office, or by calling 763-263-4277. Please provide your name, date, and hours/miles for each client.

We encourage you to record your hours and miles by the 5th of each month.
For example, submit your hours/miles for February by March 5th. Reporting hours online is our preferred method, but you can also mail or email them to us.


If you have any questions about your volunteer hours, 
call Great River Faith in Action 763-263-4277.

Things to Know:

  • Mileage: Volunteers are entitled to take all your mileage traveled while volunteering off their IRS Tax Return as per the IRS rules. Contact your tax preparer for information concerning the paperwork required by IRS ruling.
  • Calculate Time: Calculate your volunteer hours from the time you leave home to the time you return home. If it is a long appointment and you decide to go home for a while before picking the client up to take them home, you should not include your time at home in your reported hours. If you decide to wait for the client, those hours should be included in your reported hours.

Why Report Hours?

We encourage all volunteers to report their hours each month, because by doing so you allow us to be able to continue serving those in our communities. Since Great River Faith in Action is a nonprofit ministry, we must provide our funding sources with a clear understanding of how seniors are being served. We thank you for taking the time to report your hours.

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Great River Faith in Action is a volunteer-based, nonprofit serving the elderly and struggling families/individuals in Sherburne County and parts of Wright County. We assist in the community by helping the community.

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