Our Mission

Strengthening our communities by expressing our faith in action through professional and volunteer services to help meet the needs of body, mind and spirit, of the aging and families in need, the poor, sick or disabled—and those who care for them. So they can live independently and self-sufficiently, with dignity and quality of life.

As a faith-based agency, Great River Area Faith in Action provides an opportunity for people to live their faith by serving others.

Our multidisciplinary team works alongside hundreds of volunteers from many different congregations and the community to meet the needs of the whole person. We reach out to people who are finding life difficult because of age, disability, or life circumstance and through the context of supportive and loving relationships help others to maintain their independence.  As we share our life and our stories we convey the faith that is in our hearts.

The goal of our services are to empower and educate our clients to make choices that  will help them to remain living independently and safely. They are not intended to replace the traditional role of family caregivers nor do we desire to do for others what they are capable of doing for themselves. We work to support families as they care for their loved ones and, whenever possible, to empower people to assume personal responsibility.

We serve people in need, regardless of age, nationality, gender or creed, to enable them to maintain their human dignity and the greatest possible level of independence.

Our Values:

What we value:

We seek to make sure our HEARTS are in the right place while serving others and our communities. As a result, at Faith in Action we place high value on:

  • Helping Others
  • Excellence
  • Action
  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Stewardship
Helping Others–We exist to help those in need. The help we provide is relationship-based care that is centered on helping the whole person: physical, emotional, social and spiritual.
Excellence–Everything we do we try to do with excellence, as a result we are constantly re-tooling and looking for ways to improve in order to deliver our caring services with the highest level of professionalism–and love. We are dedicated to the principle that those we serve deserve nothing less than excellence.
Action–Out of our faith comes our action. James 2:17 says, “…Faith by itself, if not accompanied by action, is dead.”  Our actions can be catagorized into 3 Core Competencies (or main activities): Mobilization, Empowerment and Education.
Respect–We respect people by meeting them where they are at. Meaning we don’t judge, we love. Everything we do is done in the context of  building and nurturing caring relationships.
Trust–We seek to operate in a culture of trust. As such, we need to trust the Lord for His provision to operate. And we also need to build caring and trusting relationships within our team, with clients, volunteers, the community and our partners.
Stewardship–We diligently strive to be good stewards of all that is entrusted to our organization. Integrity matters to us, so we steadfastly apply the highest of standards internally and throughout the organization in order to gain and keep the trust of our donors.