Furniture for Families

Helping Families and Individuals Rebuild Their Lives

About the
Furniture for Families Program

Great River Faith in Action’s Furniture for Families Program is for individuals and families who are rebuilding their lives. We collect donated household goods and new-or-used furniture (in excellent condition), and provide them to those in need. When an individual/family contacts us requesting an item(s), we establish eligibility through a quick intake process. Then, we work with them to set up a time to deliver items or schedule a time for them to pick up the items at our office/storage area.


Bedding (pillows, sheets, blankets)
Kitchen Table & Chairs
End Tables
Small TV Stands

Small Appliances

Hand Mixers
Electric or Manual Can Openers
Toaster & Toaster Ovens

Kitchen & Bath

Bath & Hand Towels
Pots & Pans
Dishes & Glassware
Silverware, Large Spoons & Spatulas
Drinking Pitchers
Garbage Cans

Need Furniture or Household Items?

At Great River Faith in Action we understand that life can sometimes be hard. We’ve experienced those valleys ourselves. And, that’s why we have programs and services to support individuals and families currently experiencing difficult circumstances. If you are going through one of those hard seasons in your life right now, please know we care.

If you or someone you know is in need of furniture or household goods, please call our office at 763-263-0274 or complete the contact form.

A mother with a child had left an abusive relationship, and was starting over. Through the program we were able to provide her with multiple furniture and household items. She said we had made her house a home.
Mother and Child

A family of five recently moved to the area to start a new life after hurricanes destroyed everything. We were able to supply them with many items. The family was very grateful including their two-year-old who gave hugs to everyone.
Family of Five

A young couple was expecting their first child. The husband had been a drug addict until he turned his life to Christ. It was wonderful being able to supply this couple with new living room furniture, a dresser, and a rocking chair for their baby.
Young Couple

Have Items to Donate?

If you have any applicable items you want to donate and they are in excellent condition, please call Great River Faith in Action at 763-263-4277 or complete the contact form.