Turning Point

turning_point_logo-smallWhere desire, action and life change meet

What is Turning Point? 

A new ministry of Faith in Action, Turning Point expands opportunities for the church and volunteers to partner with us in supporting families in need.

Through this initiative volunteers can share their knowledge, passion, gifts and talents with individuals or families who are experiencing difficult life challenges. Through the context of mentoring relationships an awareness (and appreciation) of the needs of persons in their own community develops, and results in an increased call to action.

In Turning Point, volunteers from partnering churches commit to mentoring a family for a period of 6-12 months, and are then connected with a family who have reached a turning point in their life, and are motivated to change and acquire new life skills and  that are helpful to improving their current circumstances. The families and volunteers go on to develop structured, caring relationships that provide the families in need with much needed social support. Further, those families enrolled in the program also work with our social workers to design a work-plan that serves to empower them. It has goals and action steps that can then be used as a framework to help them to keep moving forward. The mentoring volunteers also participate in the work-plan by teaching the participating families about subjects they are passionate or knowledgeable about (i.e. sharing parenting skills, couponing, re-establishing home ownership, finding employment by improving their resume, learning how to restore credit or how to manage a household budget).

  By educating, mobilizing and empowering we are helping those who have reached a turning point, turn their lives around.