Living Well at Home

Eldercare & Caregiver Support

Almost all our older clients state they want to remain in their own home as they age. In order to Live Well at Home it is important to know if there are risks which could potentially keep you or your loved one from doing that. Unmitigated risks can become harmful, even causing injuries or illness necessitating a move away from your home and into a facility. Our programs and services can help you or your loved one remain healthy, live independently, and be engaged in your communities for as long as possible, postponing the need for more expensive and/or restrictive services.

eldercareWe offer Eldercare services for older adults who live alone, and want to remain living independently. By using a quick screening process we are able to help you identify risks, as well as develop a care plan that connects you to the resources and tools to effectively mitigate them. Through our Eldercare services we empower and educate each client we work with, and as a result, more than 95% of them have continued to live independently by using our services, as well as by purchasing other private services.

We also offer Family Caregiver Support services using caregiver coaches for family members who are caring for an aging parent orold-couple
spouse  at home, with the goal to help their loved one remain at home for as long as safely possible. Through one on one guidance, education and supportive services the coaches help the caregiver to remain well themselves, to feel less isolated and empowered to continue caring for their loved one.